A Leading Solutions Provider for 5G and Artificial
Intelligence Devices
Since its establishment in 2002, Infomark has been leading the Mobile Hotspot Router and Wearable market with innovative products such as the world's first 4G Mobile Hotspot and Korea's first Smarwatch for kids.
Recently, Infomark is continuing its unprecedented progress by expanding its business into AI and 5G fields. We have the largest AI speaker model line-up in S. Korea market and the first SME to developed 5G mobile hotspot in S. Korea.

CEO Greetings

Bringing New Opportunities and Exceptional Values to our Customers
In Infomark's pursuit of excelence amid the ever-changing
communication device market, we constantly ask:
What new values can Infomark bring to our customers?
What are the values unique to Infomark in the market full of me-too and competitive products.
Infomark's goal is to strive to be a leader in the wireless communcations and AI markets, not a follower.
I'm pleased that Infomark has successfully delivered many innovative and quality products over
the years and we'll continue to uphold the tradition. I would like to sincerely thank our customers
for trusting in, purchasing, and using the products from Infomark.
Infomark will remain committed and endeavor to provide
customers new and exceptional values through every product
we developed.
Core Value & Mission
integrity Understanding customers' needs and social / environmental awareness
innovation Creating high value and unique products by innovation
implementation Lead the market with positive consecutive growth and profitability

Corporate Sustainability Management

Environmental management

ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification
Infomark complies with international standards for environmental management
and reflects them in its business activities. By systematically identifying,
evaluating, managing and improving environmental factors in business,
we comply with relevant laws and prevent accidents, and contribute to economic
profit creation by minimizing waste and energy consumption.

Quality Management

ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification
Infomark has a competitive quality management system based on its own technology and know-how to provide the best products and services that meet customer needs.
Through the development-mass production quality assurance and monitoring system, we will continuously improve quality and increase customer satisfaction.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Infomark Regularly Sponsors Children of Low-Income Family
For Children
Sharing Together
Steady Practice
Infomark and all employees participate in sponsorship programs to help children from low income families who want to succeed in life.