Infomark Social contribution Needy families

As a company that developed 'Kids Phone (JOON)', a wearable device for children's safety and communication, Infomark Social contribution for needy family children in Gyeonggi Province of Korea.

Infomark's Social Contribution Theme

  • For children
  • Sharing Together
  • Steady Practice

For children

Infomark started full-scale sponsorship with urgent support for rare diseases, dental treatment, and housing renovation by financing ₩14,000 for children in need of urgent assistance last year.

Sharing Together

The sharing activities of Infomark are being carried out by customers and employees. Some of the donations are collected from changes of employees’ salary and the money gathered from the donation campaign of JOON Market, a kid’s phone accessory shopping mall operated by Infomark.

Steady Practice

Infomark made sisterhood relationship with 5 children in Gyeonggi Province for regular sponsorship. We plan to continue supporting those children who want to do a lot of things and are interested in many things every month until they become adults.