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Infomark established ‘KidsUnivers’ that a subsidiary of junior English…

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Infomark established ‘KidsUnivers’ that a subsidiary of junior English education based on artificial intelligence


- Joint investment with Qualson, an English education content company famous for its real class

- First case of combining training-specific AI devices with English-speaking content

- Extending from the existing coding training business to the secondary AI platform business


The 4th industrial revolution technology company Infomark (CEO: Choi Hyuk www.infomark.co.kr) made an announcement on August 28 that it has established KidsUniverse (CEO: Park Soo-young), a subsidiary of artificial intelligence-based junior English education. KidsUnibus is a joint venture with Qualson (CEO: Park Soo-young www.qualson.com) which is famous for its real class, and it has 51 percent stake in Infomark and 49 percent of Qualson. The CEO is Park Soo-young who is the CEO of Qualcomm, and the investment of the two companies is 2 billion won(US$1.78 million).

Infomark has technical skills for AI devices and is currently supplying AI speakers to the largest portal company in South Korea. In addition, from 2017, the company has implemented new educational projects related to coding and the fourth industrial revolution using smart toys.

Qualson is a leading foreign language education service company that developed 'Super Fan' in 2017 and 'Real Class' that has 100,000 subscribers as of 2018. It is a leading edu-tech company that was invested by SOFTBANK Ventures.

KidsUnibus is planning to release English education services using AI-based devices. This is the first case of combining English-only artificial intelligence devices and English-language contents that enable interactive communication unlike English education conducted through smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops.

In particular, the company said it intended English education for junior students, and it was based on the fact that children with high curiosity about AI devices could have a more interesting approach to English study.

"We are pushing for edu-tech platform project that combines education such as coding robot and AI toy with advanced technologies as new business. I thought it was necessary to break away from the existing education system and achieve both fun and educational effects at the same time," said Qualson, adding, "We will become a new leader in the junior English education market by combining Infomark's technology and Qualson's ability to produce contents."