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 Terms of the Website

Welcome to the website of Infomark.

The website of Infomark has been opened to facilitate communication of diverse kinds of information relevant to IT(Information technology) based on the company’s slogan of "Digital Devices in Your Hands, Infomark​." We at Infomark​ are committed to providing you with pleasant, profitable experiences. Below are the terms of the website developed for the purpose of facilitating communication among you on the website of INFOMARK:  


The website of Infomark​ ("Website") is operated for the purpose of sharing various news and information of Infomark​ ("Company") with users. The terms of the website have been developed to define the specifics of use of the Website by users.


Personal information protection


1.  The Company neither discloses nor distributes the information of users as obtained in the course of operation of the Website without the consent of the users.

2.  Other conditions pertinent to personal information protection are implemented pursuant to the “Policies on Personal Information Treatment” defined separately from these terms of the  website.


Copyright and responsibilities of posted data

1.  The copyright to the data posted on the Website belongs to the author who first develops the posted data.

2.  Every piece of information provided on the Homepage is operated pursuant to the Creative Commons 2.0 Policies. Users may use information from the Website for personal purposes only, and they shall comply with the conditions below:

- Attribution The original author of the contents shall be indicated.

- Noncommercial Contents may not be used for the purpose of generating profits.

- No Derivative Works : Contents may be neither modified, changed, nor processed.

3.  <}0{>The Website contains links of the relevant websites or websites of other companies that may not be protected by the policies of the Company<}0{>. The Company does not guarantee any information, suggestion, or advertisement provided from such linked websites.<0}  


Operation of the Website

1.  The Website highly values the opinion of every user and plays the role of channel for sharing and communicating information among users.  

2.  If deemed necessary by the Company, it may correct or complement these terms of the Website and post a notice of such correction or complementation on the Website.

3. Infomark​ tries hard to provide top-tier products and customer services. Should you detect error or have any suggestion on the operation of the Website, please contact the operator of the Website (editor@infomark.co.kr).


Thank you once again for visiting our Website, and we look forward to your continuing interest.