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YTL Communications has revealed its 4G service brand. The name is simp…

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YTL Communications has revealed its 4G service brand. The name is simple and its called YES. Yes, that’s right.




4G Mobile Internet + Voice
They also announced that there will be a land grab for 018 mobile numbers starting from midnight tonight. It is believed that Yes will commence voice service on Day 1 of launch. To book or register your number, keep a look out on their website http://yes.my when the clock strikes 12.




Interestingly the voice service is different from the rest. Yes claims that they will offer full cloud-based services allowing you to sync your contacts directly. Plus, when you register your 018 number, you’ll also get your YesID which comes with an email address e.g. johndoe@yes.my. Pricing for Yes service will be based on Pay As You Go model. This is because Yes believes that consumers should pay for what they use, just like water.


We’ve just came back from Lot 10 where Yes flagship store is located. At time of launch, only 2 devices are offered ? Yes Go, their 4G USB Gongle and Yes Huddle MiFi device. Their 4G Phone ? Yes Buzz and home gateway ? Yes Zoom which was showed off during the brand launch will only be making an appearance in December.





Yes Go


Their USB dongle is the most affordable entry into yes from RM99 for the USB dongle. For RM99, they will also rebate RM100 worth of credit over 10 months, meaning RM10 x 10. At the bottom of the brochure, you’ll notice that yes charges RM50 for activation for first time users but they are able to rebate that RM50 off from the bundled RM100 credit, leaving you 5 months of RM10 rebates later on.




Yes Huddle


Yes Huddle is their 4G MiFi device which is sold at RM399 outright without any bundled credit. However there’s a special bundle which gives you the MiFi for free if you pay RM1199 upfront for RM1200 of credit. If RM1199 is a burden to pay, there’s also a EPP Credit card installment plan of RM50 x 24 months.








November 19th, 2010