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Won the Minister of Science and ICT Awards for having contributed to t…

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작성자 인포마크 작성일21-01-11 10:34 조회518회 댓글0건


Infomark has received the Minister of Science and ICT Award in the recognition of its contributions to the advancement of 5G network equipment.


Infomark has developed 5G module and devices, earning a reputation of its contribution to the process innovation of governmental institutions and the non-contact service for the emergency situation such as COVID-19 pandemic using 5G network.


“It is a great honor to receive the Minister of Science and ICT Awards and this award is a strong testament of the technology leadership we are demonstrating in 5G industriy.” stated D. Eng. Choi, Hyuk, CEO of Infomark.


“There are a handful companies providing the 5G module and device worldwide and we expect the potential industrial opportunities in the 5G based service markets such as smart factory and a self-driving car this year.”