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Infomark was selected as a 5G device supplier for 'Intelligence H…

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작성자 인포마크 작성일20-11-30 15:57 조회807회 댓글0건


Infomark Co. Ltd announced that Infomark was selected as a 5G device supplier for 'Intelligence Hyper-Connectivity Leading Project' hosted by Ministry of Science and ICT and the National Information Society Agency through a consortium led by KT - Infomark is developing and supplying 5G mobile hot spot.


'Intelligence Hyper-Connectivity Leading Project' is a project that replaces a wired workplace with a wireless workplace by utilizing 5G network infra-structure and it will be first applied to the government institutions.


Infomark has been preparing the development of various 5G devices : launched 5G smartphone with a subsidiary of KAKAO last year and entered into a new 5G software license agreement with Qualcomm this year.


Bong-Gi, Kim, director of KT platform research institute, said “With the development of mobile hotspot applied with KT’s exclusive 5G-LAN technology, KT expects to continue to build the strong partnership with Infomark in the field of 5G network based-government workplace project.


“Since Infomark has the top-notch technologies related telecommunication and AI products, we are seeing the various business opportunities in the transition to 5G network.” Hyuk, Choi, CEO of Infomark, says, “With the development of 5G mobile hotspot, we will continue to develop a wide range of 5G - AI convergence products.”